Changing Visions To Reality

Channelising Collective Growth

Founded in the year 2017, Equitywala is in delivering strategic Business Direction, keeping intact the growth of all investors, financial intermediaries, Financial Institutions associated with us. Patronising the whole field of Finance, our focus on Execution stands as a differentiator. We act as supporting pillars to the businesses of financial professionals & Institutions, while we co-create their aims with सुख शांति समृद्धि

What We do?

Strategic Business Direction

Growing Businesses cannot afford Inefficiencies, Our 12 monthly business development program, Next Big Thing covers up business growth in real time for (name of financial intermediaries)

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Investor’s Enlightenment

We offer a beneficiary collection of services for fulfilling the rationale of investor Education & Awareness. Inclusive of marketing & branding deliverables.

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Corporate Training

History is the greatest proof of all, that no other like the investment of knowledge gives the best interest of all, bridging upon the same lines, we also serve various finance based organizations that include training and product oriented introductory sessions as well as franchisee training that fall under the B2B segment.

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Human Resource Enrichment

Businesses are by the people & for the people. Active motivation & strategy, together play a role that is more than vital. Our deliverables include training for upgrading staff skill set & morale.

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Financial Institutions / Educational Institutions

Empowering the financial knowledge seekers in various financial Institutions & Educational institutions on subjects that shall prevail prominent as per tailored requirements.

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Business Motivation

Direction without Motivation & Motivation without direction; are both complexity creators. We ensure in delivering the right kind of motivation of the right of value, at the right time , even in these exuberantly dynamic times.

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Know the Minds behind Equitywala.com

“None of us is as smart as all of us” - Ken Blanchard


Hitesh Mali

Director of the strategic Mechanism

With 27 years of experience in the field of finance, Mr. Hitesh Mali has been prominently bridging the gap between Aims & Realities of various visionary minds. He is fond of traveling & encountering thrills of new things that fuel his creative mind. On weekends he cycles his way to scenic beauties! Purely Young at heart.


Priyanka Patil

Classy Networker

From the initial stages of Equitywala.com, Mrs. Priyanka Patil has been a classy Networker which is powered by her love for interactions & she prefers long talks over small ones. When she’s off - work, she is probably scrolling through blogs or articles; has a huge collection of fridge magnets from places she has travelled - What a keeper!


Bharghavi Dasmanthurao

Human Resource Manager

The Human Resource manager, Ms Bhargavi knows capabilities like no other & fits people into job roles like an apt piece of puzzle. She can’t resist a hot cup of tea even though her sincerity, dedication & time management are purely unbeatable. An Avid-reader who collects currencies. Has MS Dhoni in her heart while Indian Cricket team is on her mind.


Shreni Mehta

Opportunity Creator

Apart from being an opportunity creator, project head - DIY; Ms. Shreni Mehta is a caffeine dependent work enthusiast. It’s her way or absolutely no way when it comes to her tasks. Doesn't take a book in hand but keeps herself updated about fashion, space, Art & craft. Share Market & investing keep her on her toes. A go-getter for real!


Roshni Patel

Relationship Manager

Roshni Patel is the Relationship Manager at Equitywala, Client satisfaction and happiness is her driving force. Likewise, she loves festivities as they bring everyone together. In her free time she loves to research, paint glasses & chooses chinese over every other cuisine; if one has her task in hand they are bound to get the most reminders, as she believes in dedicated Perfection!


Lavina Tilokani

Creative Designer

Our Creative Designer, Ms. Lavina Tilokani makes sure that visualizations come to reality; From Images, Videos to Gifs they are curated by this very peace loving human. Accompanies her work with music & salads. What she thinks, she makes it happen which makes her a budding investor. Finds Penguins really cute & photography is her go to therapy. Juggle Master for sure!

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