The Next Big Thing Program

Our Mission

Next Big Thing is a strategic Business development Program for all the financial Intermediaries to unleash their business visions in reality. While in the midst of ever changing business scenarios, we make sure to furnish strategies right in time so that your businesses never leave the development side. Achieve a Business lifestyle towards growth with us!

  • Strategy not Training
  • Experience the expertise over Strategy
  • Step-up your Business Growth
  • Untap the power of Specialisation

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What Makes Us Unique?

Claim Business Analytics Expertise

Delivering the System Analytic approach for efficient business functioning.

Plan of Action for Sales, Client Acquisition, Engagement & Retention

Empowering the cores while coping up with the external dynamism.>

Inculcate a Business Lifestyle

Add on the collectivity of motivation & strategy to the life of your business & its stakeholders.

Regulations and Business Position

Keeping compliance and Business functioning in line.

Micromanage Risks - Business/Investment

Minimising the risk impact by managerial Insights.

Enhance Marketing (Traditional + Internet)

Unleash the power that marketing holds, traditionally & Digitally.

Office & Client Management

Making sure that the present resources match the capable output.

Build Up Knowledge & Information

Being obsolete is the real killer of growth. We make sure you aren’t the victim.

High Definition Business Tools

From Data classification to rocking investment webinars

Presentation Skills & Brand Building

From Data classification to rocking investor meets

Business Process development and Performance Analysis

Embrace strong foundations, even stronger Execution & analytical Skills.


What you should expect from NBT ?

  • Staff Enlightenment, Recruitment Process Setting, Performance Measuring Tools
  • Dynamic Sales Tools & techniques
  • Tailor Made Solutions for various business hurdles
  • Product Centric Presentations, Financial Insights
  • Investor Awareness on Newest Subjects
  • Branding Tools & Marketing Strategies
  • Compliance & Regulatory Insights

What should you not expect from us?

  • That we are going to train you instead we’ll stay till the execution
  • That we're ONLY here for your branding
  • That this is a theoretical program, infact Action stands first for us
  • That we are just motivators, um how about no?
  • A fixed menu of topics, No. We love Dynamism.
  • Research, Tips, Recommendations, Advices, etc - No, we don't do that here!

Who Should Join?

  • Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)
  • Mutual Fund Distributors
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Insurance Agent
  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
  • Wealth Manager
  • Sub-Broker

One Program, Three Benefits



“An Entrepreneur drives the whole business & it’s well being. Amidst the existence of various external factors affecting the business style, the Entrepreneur needs to keep in mind constant growth parameters that fit the dynamic business atmosphere. Serving the shaping-strategies with the pursuit of entrepreneurs self-development. Commitment to self development is the first step on the path of living your personal legend.”
  • Serving the shaping-strategies
  • Action Driven Approach
  • Dynamic Leadership Coverage
  • Disciplined & Commitment oriented


“Every Clientele has a thing in common, they love their development, may it be tangible or intangible. Keeping all the entrepreneurs in mind, we aim in enriching their clients for their businesses to flourish. Client development is about taking clients on a journey by giving them the best of experience. The purpose is fulfilled via”
  • Systematic Client Acquisition
  • Regular Client Engagement
  • Client Retention
  • Insightful Client Webinar Trainings


“Employee development is one of the crucialest aspects of a business, it can make or break any business existence, all the visions will be left untrue if the Employees are powered with continuous knowledge, skills & appreciation to beat the dynamically changing working styles ib business. To Enrich the Employee force we shall conduct the following:”
  • Business Presentation Etiquettes
  • Sales Training with Brand Building
  • Work Motivation, Growth Process Implementations
  • Efficiency and Effectivity drive